Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mailart call from russian zine "Vvedenskaya Storona

(via andrei rabodzeenko)

the Russian magazine "Vvedenskaya Storona",

announced the mail-art project;

"The Whole World in an Envelope".

The deadline is November 20, 2007.

All works will be shown at the art show in 2008, in the city of Veliki
Novgorod, Russia.

The address is:

Новгородская область (Novgorodskaya oblast)
Г. Старая Русса (Staraya Russa)
Советская Набережная, 18-61 (Sovietskaya Naberezhnaya, 18-61)
"Введенская Сторона" ("Vedenskaya Storona")

The official site for this project is
All mail artists are invited to participate.
The entries will be posted on this blog too.

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