Friday, January 09, 2009


as of 2009, i won't be posting all the mail that i receive any longer.
i am still a mail arter and nothing has changed in that respect.
it's all in the (snail)mail!
i only can no longer scann and blog everything.
i will occasionally blog new calls from others and if time permits i will upload
news and facts...

stay well and keep mailarting!!!



WEE-HOO said...

I'm so bummed. But, alas... all things must slow down and sometimes even stop. You are a pilar of the mail art community! Long lie the Frips-ster! Hip, hip horray!

louise said...

Dearest Frips, I hope you 2009 is truly wonderful for you and brings you much joy and success. I hope to send you a snail mail goodie or two in this fine new year. I loved, loved the polar bears you sent for Christmas. xoxo lj

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