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new collages at

Ryosuke Cohen

brain cell 673 (second half scan)

Ryosuke Cohen

braincell 673(first half scan)

Ryosuke Cohen

Eniko Lini


Emil Dobriban

documentation Land Art

R.F. Cote

Mail Art Call

LA UNIDAD LATINOAMERICANA A LOS OJOS DEL MUNDOEsta convocatoria solicita el envío de obras de Arte Postal, sin restricciones de tamaño o de técnica, en relación al tema de la Unidad Latinoamericana para la exposición en la Sala de la Unión Latina, Montevideo, Uruguay, en el mes de Octubre de 2007.Fecha límite 30 de Setiembre. Documentación a todos. No ventas. Todas las obras recibidas serán expuestas.LATIN AMERICAN UNIT TO EYES OF THE WORLDWe are asking for shipment of Mail Art without restrictions of size or technique, related to topic of Latin American Unit. In order to carry an exhibition which will take place in October, at Gallery of Latin Unit in Montevideo, Uruguay. Deadline: 30 September, 2007. Documentación to all. Not sales. All the received works will be exposed.Organiza/Organizes Unión Latina UruguayCoordinan/coordinators: Eduardo Acosta Bentos & Clemente Padín

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Chris Sagovac collage

I.M.PIG DADA Baudhuin Simon

Mail Art Call from Tanya Bemis

Please join in the Mailart Workshop in preparation for the 2008 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration! Parents, teachers, and other interested parties are invited to particpate in an interactive, hands-on workshop in preparation for participation in the 2008 MLK mailart project. In collaboration with other parents and teachers, explore mailart as a teaching tool. Discover how it can be used to facilitate teaching and learning subjects such as: civil rights; human rights; social studies; history; art; math; geography; etc... Investigate how mailart might be used to promote principles such as: unity; diversity; service; creativity; connection; etc... To request a registration form, email: Please type "workshop registration" in the subject line.

A Related Mailart Project
Please visit for information on a related mailart project.

Day of Service
You can serve through Mailart!

Contact Information
Email your questions to:

Notable Quotes
The Envelope is the Museum.

It turns your mailbox into a museum. --

Mailart is "democratic art as social sculpture."

For info about mailart visit these sites, or look up "mailart," at Google or Wikipedia.

Other Calls for Mailart
1) Theme: "What Time Is It?" No returns, no fees. Max size A4. Documentation to all. Deadline is September 30th, 2007. Send submissions to: Paul Tiililä Kuusitie 4 36600 Pälkäne Finland. 2) Theme: "A clean sea, a green sea, a blue sea, a sea without overfishing, a sea for its dwellers, a sea for everybody, a sea to enjoy. No pollution. No exploitation. No globalization." Deadline: End of November, 2007, Technique: Free, Size: DIN A4 (maximum), No return. Answer and interchange to everybody. Possible exposition. Send your Works to: Carlos Botana Avda. Gral. Sanjurjo, 62-2º 15006 A Coruña Galicia (Spain)

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Amélie Poulin

Don Mc Nulty

if you wish to participate, send me an email or write me
go to site

I.M. PIG DADA Baudhuin Simon

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I.M. PIG DADA Baudhuin Simon

PIG DADA in his house in Habay-la-Neuve , Gaume , Belgium

May 2005
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Mick Boyle

The Sticker Dude, Joel Cohen

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I.M. PIG DADA Baudhuin Simon

the cemetary at Habay-la-Neuve, where Baudhuin Simon's ashes have been scattered on the 15th of march last year
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Torben Doose

Alan Brignull, Adanaland

Tiziana Baracchi

Daniel Daligand

Pistol Pete/Daniel Daligand

for the add & return mail art call "Don't Wrong Human Rights"
(ongoing, anyone who wants to receive a card to alter, pls contact me)

Ruud Janssen

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