Friday, May 29, 2009

Bernhard Zilling

Bernhard Zilling, originally uploaded by fripsflickr.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lynn Jr.

Lynn Jr., originally uploaded by fripsflickr.

Jack Latteman/Cascadia Artpost

Jack Latteman/Cascadia Artpost

Jack Latteman/Cascadia Artpost

Jack Latteman/Cascadia Artpost

Jack Latteman/Cascadia Artpost

Moreno Menarin

Moreno Menarin, originally uploaded by fripsflickr.

Mail Art Call

Mail Art Call, originally uploaded by fripsflickr.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mail Art Call/El Taller de Zenon : Artistampsheet

Sellos de artista en El Taller de Zenón

Sellos de artista y faux postage en El Taller de Zenon. Convocatoria de Hojas-bloque de sellos de artista. Call of Artistamp Sheets.

CONVOCATORIA de Planchas de sellos / Stamps sheets

Los sellos nacen reunidos en Hojas, Bloques o Planchas y se desprenden de ellos cuando cumplen la edad adulta…
Crea una o varias planchas de sellos de artista con cualquier tema y técnica.El Taller de Zenon te enviará algunos de sus bloques creados recientemente y los sellos de artista recibidos se exhibirán progresivamente en nuestro blog.Tamaño A4 o A5. Cualquier técnica. Fecha límite 31 dic 2009. Tema libre ( Ver sugerencias)
Enviar a :
Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenón C/ Santa Maria de Guia 1 - 4C ES-41008 Sevilla, España
El erotismo siempre ha sido uno de los motores del ser humano. ¿Sigue siéndolo en estos tiempos, le ha afectado la actual crisis mundial? Considera la opción de trabajar sobre el tema del erotismo en todas sus variantes, el tamaño del sello se adapta perfectamente al tema y resultará interesante comprobar cómo está afectando la crisis actual al erotismo en el arte postal.
At birth, stamps live all together in a sheet and they come away from it when they become adults...Create one or more than one stamps sheet. Any theme, any medium.The "Taller de Zenon" will send you some of his own sheets recently done and all the received stamps sheets will be exhibited in our blog.Size: A4 or A5. Any medium. Deadline: December 31st. 2009. Any theme (See some suggestions)
Send to:
Miguel Jimenez - El Taller de Zenón C/ Santa Maria de Guia 1 - 4C ES-41008 Sevilla, España
Eroticism always had been one of the motors of human being ¿Is it still a motor at the present time? ¿Was it affected by the actual global crisis? Consider the option to work about eroticism as a theme in all the possible ways, the requiered size is suitable to develop it, and it will be interesting to prove how the actual crisis is affecting eroticism in connection with Postal Art.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Richard Canard and Daniel de Culla

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Mail Art Call/ Flora Raducan

the LOVE mail art project
Theme: LOVE
Format: anything that will fit in a mail box
Medium: no limitations, just feel free to express yourself
Deadline: 1 November 2009
No return. Documentation to all after exhibition. Please insert full address!
Works will also be displayed at this address:
Send by post to:
Flora Raducan
the LOVE mail art project
Splaiul Corneliu Coposu Nr. 6 Ap. 4
305500 Lugoj

Please spread this convocation notice widely!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Mail art call/Michael Leigh

The Wheelie Bin Gallery project will be finishing soon and have been thinking about a new mail art project to start in March.
Since the only spare space I have is on my workroom ceiling I have decided to cover it with sky, paper planes and birds. Please help by sending a patch of blue sky and a paper plane , bird or other flying thing to hang from it by a short thread.
Sky no larger than A4 and plane/bird no wingspan larger than 8 inches.
Dealine - March 2010.
Mail constantly updated daily at - Paper Planes & Birds.

Send to - A.1. Birds & Planes, 33 Shipbrook Road, Rudheath, Cheshire Cw9 7EX UK

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